Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ne plus ultra

     Safe Distance


The different factions
of Africans
ka-joling and busting out their holy-molies
taking over curbs outside the sevenelevens

the colonies of kowloon
black mack out from his calcutta sack
a forty quid pack of mudda mudda
the rogan josh in your spoon
strobelight sally
a yellow sash of
indonesia in your room

jo-town mother sliding up like wax
heinekans stuffed in her cracks
mouth like the size of a stack
of watermelons
wanna stay tonight in your three-foot room
got kids at home wanna do some work
wanna hose me wanna hose you too
sprayed off from the stoop by
the convenience store clerk

walkee many kilo
walkee withee many pakistani
walkee bai wah kee snack shack at nightbreak
got the sober homo preaching me
pissing his alcoholic shocker all over me
once was lost but now is black
got his abyssian puka lookin over his back
mee wau kee want lookee for you

"fuck of hong kong fuck you man"
i saw written on the stairwell wall

i thought
someones dreams got broke


i called him bighead todd
he couldn't walk
his spine was spun
his hands were like sticks
his head was huge

sitting at his little gate
between the school and the residences
i spoke to him often
but he didn't speak
to me

he was known to chase the student chicks
around the grounds
that was before i'd arrived
those were the
good old days

he scared the hell out of this one
years later
she ended up working at the school
and there he was

he saw us
in her car

he whipped the hell out of things
he'd found in the dumpster
like cats

then the whole fucking dorm came down
and he watched from his little gate 




clancy the cow spent 13 days
haunting a city of a hollowed
out trapezoid
he was listening to a lot of Elliot Smith
and Danny Johnston

he sobbed
with a smirk on his face
in the display light
of a men's high end clothier
righteous beasts looked him over like
a fresh piece of meat
like an abstract

he was in town waitin
on his mainland visa
or a passport
or some
idiotic scam

he got tricked by an arrow at the border
and he got tricked
by a couple o' smartass
he was walking within inches of falling
into the asian subcontinental

scurrying their whoreasses
down the street
clickin as fast as their cheap highheels could
transport them
but clancy the cow was just trying to be nice when he bought them two cokes and looked long
into just one of their eyes

she ran
when he looked
in her eyes


Deer Lodge, Montana
Deer              Lodge                    Mon                tan                              a

that's how he said it too. 
like he was pronouncing a periodic table element
and why would anyone ever want to leave california
what with the shore, and the snowy mountains
the mexican food and the god-damn imitation humans

why leave brainerd, minnesota too?

So anyways
let's be serious for a minute, people
man to man
get your fucking game-face on, player
voting for war doesn't say your dick is big
it says your fears are astronomical

fear of yourself
fear of public transportation
a pathologic fear of women
a terrifying fear of the beatles


whatever you do
just stay home

Caveat Hipster

I use fossil fuels because
it justifies the great empire
it justifies our wars
it justifies my wardrobe and my 500 dollar cell phone
cha er min mao is a ou er ge rei te li de er

i don't commute with strangers
who are you?

don't ask me to walk somewhere
because i won't do it
especially if the weather is bad
but regardless
that's a stupid question

i use fossil fuels because
it justifies the war
we are over there for a reason
it's not something you can bitch about
that's just the way it is, man
you gotta get over it, dude
this is a great country
these colors never run
these colors are attacked in lower manhattan
home field advantage, man