Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Howl Revisited

I watched the sunset
I was standing in an empty lot
the chill hit me

I've seen the limpest minds of my generation
stuffed, dressed up and enlisted

placed behind wheels and pointed
each morning
into the hissing abyss of so-called progress

Not mad, not raving
not loving, not stoned
always seeking out messages
of corporate approval
that say something like
"you have shocked us all by not crossing the line."

always indifferent
and "you are number one on my frequency."

and your women shall all become men
and your art shall be dragged through glittery glue
and your virgin bloody marys shall go ungarnished
that means no peppercinis

you fatass

Sunday, March 20, 2011

America's finest contributions to the world shall be its music and art

what about our scientific achievements?
what about the automobile?
what about the telephone?
what about the suburbs?
and the nuclear bomb?

America's arts deconstruct the bomb
they eradicate the interstate highway
they communicate with you personally

take the midwest

take it!

take the mideast
all wearing nike shoes and levi jeans listening to hip hop

as they storm the square in tripoli
shot down but still holding on
to that american style
that want of blue skies

America's arts have impressed the world far beyond any arbitrary mechanical invention
those robots which woulda been invented anyways
by the brits
by the french

Friday, March 18, 2011

Abolish the Federal Government

What is stopping the states, really?

It's not like national defense does a whole hell of a lot of good

50 sovereign nations
As opposed to a bunch of junkies throwing cash into the federal pit?

No more subsidies
not for ag
not for meds
not for corporate sucks
nor for kebab eaters

the hole is filled
we all go on
and fly the coop
and pretend the fed never existed in the first place

50 sovereign nations




just like that
you fool
Just like that

You watched it all shrink back
and disappear
never stopping because
you always thought there was a heavy supply
don't slow down,
there's a heavy supply

What have I done for 15 years?
dismantled every bridge
pushed people away
built my own little tower
to heckle from?

How can I purge my heart of
this ugliness
to feel good
to look good
to have faith in humanity again?

Friday, March 4, 2011

caveat hipster

there was this guy.
If he couldn't get any beer
or alchohol
in the evening
he would start killing people

then he landed in minneapolis on a sunday morning. 
the last place you wanna be
if you wanna drink
but he didn't know that
after all, he'd just landed there.
and he had 10 bucks to his name

some guy said
"you should go to wisconsin"
because in wisconsin you can always buy stuff

there were guys in hockey jerseys driving east
"how far is wisconsin?"
the border is about 20 miles east
just over the Saint Croix River

so, the journey began
otherwise he would start killing
at about 3:37 pm

"inxa allah"

it was a countdown for the lutherans
their legislation had also written their fate

once you get over the mississippi
and into saint paul
you can start to rid yourself of the sickness
the idiot-suckoff begins to vanish
and in F. Scott Fitzgerald's old commons
the people are far more jesus-like
less disgusting

when i say jesus-like
i mean tits falling out of shirts
pussy water coming out of their shorts
and still serving up a cold hamms
which cost our man only 2 dollars at 4pm.  

now, he has 6 dollars
because he lost another two when he was in Dinkerton
tried to shake some shack-lass for love
but she only gave blah
that cost two bucks

our man drinks his hamms
looks around
wants to stay

wisconsin is 10 miles out
when he sees the bridge
he will cry

when he sees the bridge
he won't kill nobody

that sucking bridge over the majesty
over the saint croix killer