Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The seasons are quite drastic there
it's very enjoyable to see and to feel
the changes

i lived in a basement for a while
i don't even recall for how long
but it was definitely through a winter
i had one small window over my head
it was usually covered by snow
letting just a soft
white light

the colors are fantastic
around fall
really, they are
good beer drinking weather

It's a good place to drink beer
everybody does it
drinking beer outside
in minnesota
feels quite good

or even from a bar
like the gopher
or skinners
where you have a window outside
to the color
but you're probably not gonna leave
til the night
even then
there's color

the summers are hot though
good for fourth of july parties on the banks
of the saint croix

music and such

In chinese, Chun Tian means spring
Tian means sky
which is very Chun,

the snow is melting down the streets
channeling down Ohio
flooding the mississippi
birds and things
also a change in attitude
the snow is gone
go to Paul's painting studio perhaps

people outside
the bars are all naked
on the outside
in new world light
reek of winter on the inside
and I walk
i walked so much
down the high bridge
up the wabasha one
all the way to midway
they were tearing up university
to put in trains
usually I had no money
but i could smell the food
and maybe Paul would pick me up
at some random intersection