Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Go to the park
and drink some beer
it's the sane thing
to do here
in Singapore

Like a Californian
without the mexicans
indonesians instead

very sterile
very white
very passive in the fight
against technological
automation consuming us all

a population born and bred
to constitute the NEW WORLD ORDER

25,000 miles away
the American culture
is being torn to shreds

and we will now destroy
everything in this world
that was born from our heads

say goodbye, my friend
the age of the aquarius is nigh
and this is your last
stressful, bitter, whiskeyed 


Had the chance
It was flashing in your eye
like a shiny coin
on the wet floor
in Kizilay

The hotel man
you never knew his name
his derelict past was your future plan

Until the turks took you down
a fisher pulled you up

so you went flapping down the pavement

and your spirit was finally sucked out

you had touched the MarMara Sea
And felt the cold of what could have been
by then too late though
the river had run
and you have been tied
around the great


guy on a plane
throwing a fit
there are peaches
in the garden
and he can't get his

guy goes to Thailand
picks up a hot one
pukes in a public toilet
feels the burn
teeth don't bite
for the rest of his life
his brain is a worm
for the rest of his life
eating his thoughts
for the rest of his life
never sees the beauty
of a woman
no way no how
for the rest of his life
While he drools out his heart
for the rest of this life

that was a bad plate of pork rice
he ate in Chiang Mai
for the rest of his life


weary traveler
orders a thai plate
of fried chicken and salad

weary traveler
looking like chris
in the final stage of fate

weary traveler
got a brown girl
so general of brown
would be from any
equatorial race
or one of the ten million islands

indonesian face

weary traveler
got yourself a book

listening to the beach boys
while you cut the meat
the chicken from the bone

so hungry
you eat with her in silence
for the beach boys blaring in your ear

cuts the meat
from the bone
the tastiest meat
you ever known

die, die
must try

die, die
must try

die, die
must try