Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Despite Economic "recession", Americans continue to Spend Shit-Tons of Money on Worthless Crap
New cars, techie gadgets and boner pills appear to keep nation's economy afloat 

(KB) Los Angeles -   Americans' pockets don't appear to be as empty as their souls, which they are consistently hurling consumer products into as an effort to satisfy their juvenile thirst for material luxuries and status affirmation.
      "It's striking behavior,"  says consumer analyst Connie Poon-Weippe,  "considering that ninety percent of Americans are affording their lifestyle via complicated hierarchies of household debt."
      President Obama's administration has labeled the nation's current economic situation as a "dire financial recession coupled with a no-confidence investment outlook perhaps not seen since Leave it to Beaver was canceled."

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  1. love the reference to "boner pills"---ha! And right after the Black Friday debalacle this feels so ....right..left...uh so apolitical..